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Who are we?

Introducing us

Our Founder

I Got Back Up was founded by Talia Lazarus in 2022, after a road accident in August 2021 that changed her life.

“In October 2021 I was re-learning how to walk, and in January 2023 I was learning how to run 21km for the London Landmarks Half Marathon.”

Falling off an electric scooter, and hitting a bus, Talia did not walk for ten weeks. Talia underwent emergency knee surgery in September 2021, and double knee surgery in February 2022.

Throughout her physical, mental, and emotional rollercoaster of a journey fuelled with an abundance of ups and downs, Talia began speaking with others who had been through their own stories. With that, I got back up came to life.

“I was 25 and I hit rock bottom. I lost everything. Physically, mentally, and emotionally I was broken in every way. I was not even a fragment of who I was and whom I have now become. I was completely unrecognisable. Lost is an understatement. That is the moment I realised I had the ability to change my own life and write a new story.”

I got back up Founder Talia Lazarus.

The I Got Back Up Journey

Talia launched the podcast Getting back up with… to share all your stories, journeys, rollercoaster rides and worlds of advice, lessons and mindset shifts. Being the platform where some guests have shared their stories first with Talia before sharing them with others.

“I want to inspire, motivate and help others to never give up. I understand how safe and comforting rock bottom is, how easy it is to completely lose yourself, to look in the mirror and not have any idea who is looking back. The hardest step is the first one. But once you take it, you are already one step ahead of yesterday, and one step closer to everything you have ever dreamt.”

Talia has also been interviewed by BBC Radio London and BBC Three Counties discussing her journey and is involved in speaking at schools to encourage children not to give up when adversity hits. She continues to speak about her journey and how it changed her life and her mindset exponentially.

How to reach Talia?