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The I Got Back Up Story

Everybody has a story. Every story is unique to you in your own way. The day or event that changed your life. Recovery support motivation.

We all talk about what happened, the start. We all talk about when you’re back up, the end. But we don’t talk about the recovery, and how you did it, the ups and downs, the emotions, thoughts and obstacles. We don’t talk about the middle part, the journey. But I got back up does.

We share your stories, recoveries and perspectives. Your physical and mental barriers. How you overcome your everyday. 

This is for everyone. Everyone and anyone going through something. Physical, mental, emotional, psychological. It doesn’t matter what because everyone reacts to their story and events differently. Something you might be able to handle, someone else might not. 

You are not alone. It may seem like you are, and it might seem hard. But there’s so many people on this planet who understand you. They understand what you’re going through, even if their story is entirely different. 

So don’t give up, don’t ever give up. You can change the ending of your story. 

“Don’t give up. You are closer than you think.”